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  • I have paperwork to help you start the process to get help from the Tennessee Bureau of Workers’ Compensation. Here’s how the process typically works:

    1. If you get hurt at work, you need to report it to your employer and go through their process first. You will get a list of doctors from your employer and there will be a claim adjuster to work with about medical care and lost wages. Visit or call 1-800-332-2667 to learn more about these benefits.

    2. You may not agree with your employer on the amount of benefits. If that happens, the Bureau of Workers’ Compensation may be able to help you come to an agreement with your employer on benefits.

    3. To get help from the Bureau, first you fill out a form called the Petition for Benefits Determination and file it with the Bureau. I can help you fill out that form!

    4. Once you turn in your form to the Bureau, a mediator is assigned. A mediator helps an injured worker talk with their employer.

    5. The mediator, employer, and employee work together to find a solution. If they agree, then that’s the end of the process. If they don’t agree, then I can help you with the next step.

    6. The next step is to get a hearing with a Tennessee workers’ Compensation judge. To get started, you fill out and file a form called the Request for Expedited Hearing. I can help you fill out that form, too!

    7. Finally, I can help you ask your doctor for a Causation letter. A causation letter can help you prove that your injury and need for medical treatment was caused by something that happened at work.


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